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How ScrubCaps Was Born


In October 2018 I was lucky enough to visit Paris, France with two other female physician friends.  While there I stopped in a beautiful retail store where there were numerous brightly colored silk scarves.  The sales associates in the store each wore one, in different ways, knotted, draped, and all classy and colorful.  I purchased a scarf, but when I returned home I did not have any way to wear that silk scarf the way the associates in that store did.  I am in surgery most days, and every day I am in scrubs. 


I decided I COULD wear that beautiful silk scarf, but I would have to convert it into a scrub cap so that I could wear it while seeing patients and operating.  I cut up the scarf, and put it back together to make a bright pink cap that covered my hair, and was structured exactly as the standard operating room scrub cap.  I showed it to two close friends, both women physicians.  They both loved it.  "You should make these and sell them!" We talked about it.  I was encouraged to produce them, but only if proceeds went to a good cause.  We decided on raising funds for scholarships for women in medical school. 


That is how ScrubCaps for a Cause was born. 


Women in medicine and surgery are here to stay.  We have traveled a long road and continue to struggle for equality.  Those of us who are here, and have completed our training, want to help support those women physicians and surgeons who are following behind us.  They represent an important part of the future of medicine.  Donate and pick a scrub cap to show your support, and help the next generation of women physicians and surgeons.


Tina Tarantola, MD


ScrubCaps for a Cause

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Tina Tarantola, MD

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