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There are three ways to support the cause and donate to fund scholarships:


1.  A minimum donation of $280 contributes to a scholarship, as a thank you for the donation, select a one-of-a-kind ScrubCap to wear.  At this time, ScrubCaps can only be viewed at our Facebook page and Instagram page.  


2.  Endow a scholarship.  Through this process, a donation of $1,000 funds a scholarship, and of course pick a cap you love to show you are a supporter.  If you elect to endow a scholarship, you can have it awarded in honor of someone you choose. 


3.  Donate the Hermès, Fendi, or Louis Vuitton 90 cm silk scarf of your choice, a cap will be custom made and the remaining silk used for additional caps. 


Please contact us through this website for more information or reach out through DM at our facebook  page "ScrubCaps for a Cause".

“Let’s bust through the glass ceiling and then turn around and help each other through the broken pieces”

- Sasha Shillcutt, MD


donors - scholarship endowments

We would like to thank the following individuals, groups, and corporations who generously elected to endow a scholarship of $1,000 each for women in medical school training this year.  Thank you!  In order in which the endowments were received:


DPC Paris Group 2019

Andrea Hui Austin, MD

Kimberly Schoofs, MD

Tarantola Dermatology;  Pensacola, FL - Tina Tarantola, MD

Retina Specialty Institute; Pensacola, FL - Ryan Tarantola, MD

Kimberly Skelding, MD

Emily Farkas, MD

Dermatology Billing Associates;  Orlando, FL - Rob Manjura

Sandra Lee, MD of TLC's Dr. Pimple Popper

Vera Soong, MD

Derick Dermatology - Amy Derick, MD

Tim Burr, JD

Natalie Bruno, MD

Leight Stevens, MD

Llana Pootrakul, MD, PhD, in her Mother's name - 

Kuanta Pootrakul, RN

Justin Mitchell, MD and Nicole Mitchell, MD in their daughter’s name - Emma Grace Mitchell

Tina Suneja, MD in her mother’s name - Veena Suneja

Yuk Liu, MD in the name of Josephine Ho

Sarosh Zafar, MD

Aniebiet Uko Udofia, MD, MBA in her mother’s name, Queensley Udofia

Nathalie Coeller, MD in the name of Dean Yolanda Haywood, MD.